Saturday, 28 June 2014

HP Toner Vs HP Toner

Well, as the title suggest we are going to look at two models of HP Toner cartridges, HP75 and HP 75XL. In case your HP printer uses 75 series color cartridge and you have gone out for shopping HP Toner during one of those time when your printer started to run low. You should have observed two models of HP Toner cartridges, HP 75 and HP 75XL available over the counter. XL means extra-large and has got more ink inside the cartridge. The number of pages each of them can print is as below:

HP Toner cartridges HP 75: Roughly around 170 pages
HP Toner cartridges HP 75XL: Roughly around 520 pages

Now this is something to look at. When we compare HP75 with HP 75XL the page difference is really quite impressive. HP 75XL is available at roughly double the cost of HP 75, yet the number of copies that HP 75XL prints out is much more than double. If you are a person who regularly needs a printout probably HP Toner cartridges HP 75XL will work out best for you. 

While as you have all facts right with you, there is something more for you to look at. HP Toner cartridges just like any other printer cartridges have a shelf life usually of 2 years. This shelf life is different from installation life. Installation life is pretty small for almost every cartridge, be it from any company. So if you are not a frequent user of print outs, then probably HP Toner cartridges HP 75XL might not work out best to your advantage. In fact you will have to necessarily take a printout periodically to ensure printer’s HP Toner cartridges is in good shape.

Once printer toner cartridge is installed, it is advisable to use it within 6 months. 6 months is the life of a HP Toner cartridge or be it cartridge of any other company for that matter. So given this fact, before you plan to buy a cartridge, decide for yourself if you are going to print all 520 pages over next 6 months. Otherwise it makes much sense to stick to HP Toner cartridges HP 75 (regular).

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