Thursday, 28 August 2014

Want to Use Genuine Quality Canon Image-Class Toner

If you have a printer or copier machine, then the biggest halt in your work comes when your machine is out of ink. This often seems to be annoying. Another situation occurs when even if your device is fully filled with the toner, yet the quality of the print is not up to the mark. All these problems are often troublesome especially in today’s time where finding genuine products is becoming more and more difficult. But there is one solution to such problems. So, let us find it out! is the answer to all your problems. This is one of the well-renowned online retailers which offer absolutely authentic products online. It contains an array of accessories required for various printers, copier machines and fax machines. All the products are available at very competitive prices. You can also avail several amazing discount offers on these products. It offers these items at such exiting price range that you cannot find in the local markets. Even items like canon image-class toner are available at such economical rates that resisting yourself from purchasing from this site will be difficult.

canon image-class toner
canon image-class toner

How is it Different from other Online Retailers? is unique in every way.
     It offers highly effective services to its customers to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
     It not only promises of quick delivery but also does so. Your order is shipped to its destination within one or two days of its receipt.
     It offers the best quality products and one example bearing the testimony of the quality of its products is the canon image-class toner. This product is not easily available with other online retailers.
     The employees here can converse with customers in different languages including Chinese, English and Korean.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Saving printing cost with Xante Toner

It is natural for any company to cut cost on printing during extreme economic times. However this option is not available to companies in the business of printing. Xante Toner might come as a relief to many printing house. Consider this fact that black cartridge for laser printer retails at $100 while other three colors are available at $300 each. This is pretty expensive for people operating on tight budget. Refilling is a low cost option to save big time on toner cartridge. In case you did not know this, you can actually refill a toner cartridge after it has been emptied of its toner supply and use it for the next printing cycle. 

It offers Xante Ilumina toner refill kit. Xante is a third party supplier for toner refill kit. Xante Toner refill kit is available with additional tools to help you refill, such as a funnel cap, wipes, reset chip and instruction materials. Xante Toner at AAAtoner  is available at much affordable cost. 

Here are some products images.

Method to refill color laser printer with Xante Toner 

-       Ensure your Ilumina 502 toner cartridge is still in nice working condition.
-       Select a place that is well lit and get a dustbin (lined with a plastic bag) and place it next to your workplace.
-       Unload the empty cartridge and place upside down allowing easy access to toner chamber.
-       Press small blue tab to unlock the blue handle and with the help of a screwdriver push the tab while turning the blue tab to open the rectangular hopper fill hole.
-       Discard whatever amount of old toner left in the dustbin.
-       Using the funnel cap freely pour Xante Toner into the toner chamber through rectangular fill hole. Close the rectangular chamber that same way as you have opened it.
-       Replace the old chip with new chip provided and close the chip cover back.
-       Shake the cartridge left to right to allow equal distribution of Xante Toner.